Daniel Mackhoe AKA Daniel Cone (1626-1706), Prisoner and Slave

13 Oct

Daniel Mackhoe/Cone is the 9th great-grandfather of Richard, James, Gary, Lisa, Carl, Jane, Bruce, Cathy, Ron, Stacey, Matt, Sandy, and the 10th great-grandfather of Asher, Owen, Caitlyn, Becky, Emily, Jack, Jill, Jordan, Mike, Brian.

Scottish soldiers at the Battle of Dunbar, 1650

Scottish soldiers at the Battle of Dunbar, 1650

Born: 1626, Edinburgh, Scotland
Died: October 24, 1706, East Haddam, Connecticut
Father: unknown
Mother: unknown
Spouses: Mehitable Spencer (married 1661, East Haddam, Connecticut), Rebecca (nee ?) (married 1692 in Haddam, Connecticut)
Children: Ruth, Hannah, Daniel, Jared, Rebecca, Ebenezer, Nathaniel, Stephen, Caleb

1626 – Born in Edinburgh, Scotland.
1651 – Served in the Scottish army as a loyalist to King Charles II.
1651, September 3 –Taken prisoner at the Battle of Dunbar by English troops under the command of Oliver Cromwell.
1651, September 3 – 11 – Was among 5,000 Scottish prisoners forced to march to imprisonment at Durham Cathedral. 2,000 died en route, 1,600 more died at Durham before the end of October.
1651, October 20 – Parliament orders the Scottish prisoners to be sent to New England as indentured slaves.
1651, November 8 – Transferred to custody of the ship “John and Sara” at Gravesend, London. Recorded in the ship’s manifest as “Dan: Mackhoe.”
1651, November 11 – Departed London for Boston aboard the “John and Sara.”
1651, December – Arrived in Boston and subsequently sold by Thomas Kemble of Charles Town to John Giffard, the agent for the Undertakers of The Iron Works of Lynn (now Saugus), to work at hard labor.
1657, March – Known to be free and living under the name Daniel Cone in Connecticut.
1661 – Married Mehitable Spencer (born c1638 in Lynn), daughter of Gerrard and Johannis AKA Hannah (nee Hills) Spencer, in East Haddam, Connecticut. Gerrard Spencer came to America at age 16 with John Winthrop’s first fleet in 1630 to establish the Massachusetts Bay Company.
1662, January 7 – Daughter Ruth born.
1662, May – Granted land along the Connecticut River in Haddam, Connecticut. The land had been purchased by the General Legislature from the Wangunk Indians earlier in the year.
1664, April 4 – Daughter Hannah born.
1667, January 21 – Son Daniel born. Daniel is our 8th great-grandfather.
1669 – Became Commissioner Public in Haddam.
1669, March – Son Jared born.
1670, February 6 – Daughter Rebecca born.
1673, March – Son Ebenezer born.
1675, May or June – Son Nathaniel born.
1678, March – Son Stephen born.
c1680 – Moved to East Haddam.
1682, March 19 – Son Caleb born.
1690 – Moved back to Haddam.
1691 – Wife Mehitable died in Haddam.
1692 – Married Rebecca (nee ?), widow of Richard Wakeley, in Haddam.
1706, October 24 – Died in East Haddam, CT.


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9 responses to “Daniel Mackhoe AKA Daniel Cone (1626-1706), Prisoner and Slave

  1. Diane Madsen

    December 27, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    Hi, I would like to know your source to verification that Daniel Mackhoe of Saugus Iron works Is Daniel Cone? Have you found any proof or is it an assumption? I am descended from Daniel & Mehitible and her father Gerrard Spencer & Hannah.

    • RRiis

      December 28, 2013 at 9:20 am

      Hello, cousin Diane! Glad you dropped by.
      My source for the Mackhoe-Cone connection is not my own first-hand research but that of George Norbury MacKenzie in The Colonial Families of the United States, Volume VI (Baltimore: Seaforth Press, 1917). What evidence MacKenzie had seen I cannot say, but his genealogical credentials are solid. Of course, genealogy is a fluid thing: if evidence turns up that this is incorrect it will be revised. My own research continues and my data is constantly being updated.
      My personal Cone connection is through my 5th great-grandmother, Lydia Cone Lay (1784-1862), of Old Lyme, Connecticut.

      • Diane Madsen

        December 30, 2013 at 10:10 am

        Hi Richard,
        I was glad to find your site. New information is always popping up on the net.
        I visited at Saugus and the NPS had a list of prisoners but could not verify Daniel as Mackhoe but I know that has long been the assumption. It had been the oral history in my family for years.
        I visited Haddam Ct during a house tour and one of the guides was a Cone so they are still present in the area. Have you every visited there? In the heart of town is the old cemetery and there is a stone for Capt Caleb Cone. I come from the Caleb line but the earlier youngest son of Daniel & Mehitible than that persons grave – they reuse names so often – And my DAR patriot is Ozias Cone who served as a wagonmaster and was at Valley Forge. He died in Oneida New York where he went with his war pension. Across the river and down an unmarked lane is another ancient graveyard with many more Cone names buried there.
        In Lynn Mass at the Historical Society I found more information on Gerrard Spencer.In the mid 1600’s he was a ferryman in Lynn, at the mouth of the river that served the iron works and on the main road from Salem to Boston, he was a juryman several times at trials in Salem (fortunately 50 years before the witches) and other items.
        This spring my sister and I plan a trip to England and I want to go to Stotfold where Gerrard and Alice Whitebread were from. The church still stands and I hope I find something more. He left England because he was not the first born male. Maybe you know all this.
        Now closer down to me some Cones migrated to N Carolina, then to the Little Dixie area of Missouri prior to the civil war and my great grandmother was Lillie Cone who died in Mt Airy, Mo in 1882.
        If you have never been to Haddam I urge you to go. The City Hall has old records and the Thankful Arnold House & Museum is wonderful. I currently live in Kentucky. Where are you?

        Your cousin Diane

      • RRiis

        January 2, 2014 at 7:57 pm

        Hello, Cousin Diane –
        I was in Haddam not long ago but didn’t have time to poke around as I wished I could; I had to hurry back to Bridgeport to catch the ferry to Long Island, where I live. I had spent most of that day in Old Lyme seeking out my Lay ancestors’ graves. Most of those gravestones are pictured in the Photos portion of this website. My 5th great-grandfather, Abner Lay was married to Lydia Cone (great-great-granddaughter of Daniel Cone by way of Daniel Cone Jr.; b. 1784 in Haddam, d. 1862 in Old Lyme). Talk about reusing names: Abner’s son Chauncey Abner Lay was the father of Abner Chauncey Lay, who in turn was the grandfather of my great-grandfather Abner Chauncey Adams. Thankfully I was named neither Abner nor Chauncey.
        I have been in England but I did not do any genealogical research there. I would love to return. I have a lot of English ancestry on both sides. I envy you your upcoming trip.
        Have you looked at the Spencer lineage piece I posted here? It outlines our relation to Lady Diana Spencer and the Royal Family through our relation to Gerrard Spencer.
        Your Cousin Richard

      • Diane Madsen

        January 15, 2014 at 10:59 am

        Hi Richard.
        Enjoyed looking at the Spencer lineage. I see I share a 2Oth generation grandparent with little Baby George. Should I knit booties to send?
        I did a google map search for Needham’s Landing in Lynn where Gerrard operated the ferry. It
        showed the location (north side of the river) but could find nothing on the other side for Bairds Landing. However right there where it probably was is Spencer Ave! Will have to go there again with a probe and shovel. How fun.
        When I get into my box of genealogy papers I’ll tell you my lineage from Daniel. No Chauncey or Abners among them but we have a Dabney.
        I also saw you Jensen link. On my other side my paternal grandfather came from Horsens Denmark – about 1905, Johannes Andreas Madsen. He came through Canada to Kenmare, North Dakota which had a large Danish population. So we may be doubly connected.
        Your cousin, Diane

  2. Teri Reitnauer

    July 25, 2014 at 11:02 am

    Hello. I am also a descendant of Daniel and Mehitable (Spencer) Cone through his son Nathaniel. I am glad I found this website. I am always trying to find information about Daniel’s ancestry in Scotland. I enjoyed looking at the Spencer lineage.

    • RRiis

      July 25, 2014 at 1:01 pm

      Welcome, Cousin Teri!

  3. Chris Sanderson

    April 8, 2015 at 10:16 pm

    Hello, Chris Sanderson here in Seattle…My mother was Elizabeth Cone…Ozias Cone was my 4x grandfather. We are just getting into this ancestry stuff…great info… We just returned from Cornwall England and Scotland (our great grandfather William Carroll Cone married into Williams/Paul family from Cornwall, who arrived about 1850). Looks like a large Cone family…will have to work our way east to Haddam.

    Your cousin, Chris

    • RRiis

      April 10, 2015 at 3:40 pm

      Hello, Cousin Chris! Good to hear from you. If you find your way to East Haddam, CT, continue to the next town over, Old Lyme. You will find many more Cones (including most of mine) in the Old Meeting House Hill Cemetery, adjacent to a golf course.


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