Johann Wilhelm Gmelin (1541-1612), Priest

19 Oct

Johann Wilhelm Gmelin is the 10th great-grandfather of Richard, James, Gary, Mark and Mike.

Johann Wilhelm Gmelin (1541-1612)

Johann Wilhelm Gmelin (1541-1612)

1541, November 6 – Johann Wilhelm Gmelin, known as Wilhelm Gmelin, is born in Weilheim an der Teck, Württemberg, now in southwestern Germany. His parents are Michael Gmelin (c1510-1576), Weilheim’s schoolmaster and instructor in medicine, chemistry, and apothecary science, and Margaretha Nägelin (1514-1568).

Kloster Maulbronn

Kloster Maulbronn

1557 – Wilhelm enters the Lutheran monastery school at the Kloster Maulbronn.

1559 – Wilhelm is awarded a scholarship to study theology at the university in Tübingen,

1560 – Wilhelm receives a Baccalaureate degree.

1563 – Wilhelm graduates with a Master’s degree.

Evangelical Stadtkirche, Bad Cannstatt, built in 1506

Evangelical Stadtkirche, Bad Cannstatt

1564 – Wilhelm becomes a Deacon in the Evangelical Stadtkirche in Bad Cannstatt [now a part of Stuttgart], Württemberg, where he meets Magdalena Rieger (1540-1580), the daughter of the city’s Bürgermeister, Simon Rieger (c1505-1568), and his wife Magdalena Mayer (c1512-c1570).

St. Veit Kirche rises above Gärtringen

St. Veit Kirche rises above Gärtringen

1565 – Wilhelm is appointed the Priest of St. Veit (St. Vitus) Kirche in Gärtringen, Württemberg, near Stuttgart, and master of the city’s school.

—-, February 13 – Wilhelm and Magdalena Rieger (1540-1580) are married in Gärtringen.

Wilhelm and Magdalena will have 10 children: twin sons, names unknown (1565), Margaretha (1567), Simon (1569), Magdalena (1570), an unnamed daughter who dies at birth (1572), Johann Wilhelm (our ancestor; 1573), Johann Michael (1575), Johann Georg (1577), two unnamed children who die at birth (1578, 1579), and Barbara (1580).

1580, December 11 – Magdalena, 40, dies 21 days after giving birth to her last child, Barbara.

1581, November 30 – Wilhelm marries Agnes Waiblinger (c1537-1617) in Gärtringen. Wilhelm and Agnes will have one child, Maria, born in 1583.

Wilhelm Schickard

Wilhelm Schickard

1606 – Wilhelm enrolls his sister Margarethe’s son, Wilhelm Schickard (1592-1635), in the school at the monastery in Bebenhausen. In 1623 Schickard will invent the calculating clock, the first mechanical calculating device, considered the direct ancestor of the modern computer.

1612, January 9 – Wilhelm Gmelin dies at the age of 71 in Gärtringen, and is buried in St. Veit Kirche.

Epitaph for Wilhelm Gmelin in St. Veit Kitche

Epitaph for Wilhelm Gmelin, considered the patriarch of Gärtringen, in St. Veit Kirche

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