Henning Jørgensen Gagge (c1520-1562), Royal Bailiff

16 Dec

Henning Jørgensen Gagge is the 13th great-grandfather of Richard, James, Gary, Lisa, Carl, Jane, Bruce, James, Anne, Bonnie, Wendy, Pamela, Gail and Paul; and the 14th great-grandfather of Asher, Owen, Caitlyn, Becky, Andrew, Joshua, Connor, Derek, Dylan, Priscilla, Lukas, Abigail, Trevor, Ross, Elliot, Britt and Erik.

Arms of Henning Gagge, his father Jørgen and grandfather Erik

Arms of Henning Gagge, his father Jørgen and grandfather Erik

Henning Jørgensen Gagge was born about 1520 at Lehnsgård in Østerlars, on the Danish island of Bornholm. His father was Jørgen Eriksen Gagge (?-1551), Royal Bailiff for Bornholm and proprietor of the Lehnsgård estate; his mother’s name is unknown. Royal Bailiff was a title held by a nobleman selected by the king as his personal representative  and chief administrative official for a locality.

Henning was a Courtier to King Christian III in København when, on July 21 1551, he was appointed to succeed his late father as Royal Bailiff for Bornholm.

Henning took up residence at Spillegård, Åker, where he brought his wife, Elsebeth Elline Clausdatter Cames, after their marriage in Rønne in 1552. Elsebeth was the daughter of a Councilman in Rønne, Claus Cames, who had come to Bornholm from his native Scotland. By 1555 Henning and Elsebeth were living on Claus’ estate, Store Almegård, in Knudsker.

Wax seal of Henning Gagge

Wax seal of Henning Gagge

Henning and Elsebeth had six known children: sons Jørgen and Albrecht, and daughters Elsebeth, Eignis, Benedikte, and another (our ancestor), name unknown, who married a prosperous shipping merchant and Councilman, Herman Bohn.

Henning died at Store Almegård on June 29, 1562, at the age of about 42. Elsebeth died there, also, on October 23, 1578.

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