About This Site

Me at Bodega Bay, California, August 2012

Me at Bodega Bay, California, August 2012

Welcome to, a website a lifetime in the making. By the way, I’m Richard Riis.

This website is an attempt to cobble together a repository of stories, photos, documents and anything else of interest I have discovered, through exhaustive research or by sheer dumb luck, in my twenty-odd years of serious genealogical research.

My research covers not only my own direct ancestors but many ancestral family lines. You’ll find not only Riises here, but intertwined branches of the family tree with surnames including Matthews, Adams, Gmelin, Andersen, Lay, von Trzcinski/Schinsky, Datz, Mull, Manee, Woglom and others. It’s not so much a family tree as a whole arboretum. Are you hearing “We Are Family” in your head yet? No? Give it time.

Family members, these are your people, too. Dig around and enjoy. Revisit old loved ones and meet new (old) ones. Not lucky enough to be related, but just stumbled onto this site while surfing the web? That’s okay, too. We’re friendly folks here. Discovered we’re related? Super! Contact me.

Subscribers to this website will receive an email notification when something new is posted. Your email address is totally secure and not visible to anyone but me. I’m not in the business of selling financial services, vacation packages or male enhancement products. You won’t be receiving any junk emails. So, go ahead, sign up already!

Living relatives: Fear not; no sensitive personal information will be revealed on this site.


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